2 weeks 'til single-release!!

Hey guys!

Only two weeks left 'til the release of the new "Nothing in the world"-Single!!

I'm getting excited over here!
Well, i was already excited before, but now i'm like...whoa!

So, here are the links to the FULL SONGS…

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Another Single-Release Teaser Video!

Hey guys!

I've got another video for you!
Here's a little taste of the SECOND song
of the new "Nothing in the world" - Single,
which will be out on August 3rd, 2015!!

Check it out!! :)







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Single-Release Teaser Video with two special guests!!

I got some news for you about the Single-Release, guys!

In fact, I got another video for you.
Two special guests joined me this time. ;)





And as I already said, we got a RELEASE-DATE too: August 3rd, 2015







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Well, as i already said in the video above:

Watch this space, guys!!

And keep an eye on my Youtube Channel too!!


ROCK ON!! \\m//

You've got a Heart of Gold!! <333333



Happy Easter!! Let's get this stuff done!!

Hey guys!!

I hope you're having a great one!

Right, my decision i mentioned in the last blog has been made!
I really like the results we got so far and pretty damn sure nothing's gonna change that!…

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Back to the studio after the flu!

Hi there!

I see it's been quite a while, since my last blog post here.
And we've been quite busy.

We have been working on the second song (yes! There'll be TWO songs!!) of the new single.
The basic music…

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Happy New Year!!

Hey guys!

Happy New Year!! :)
I've decided to start this year 2015 with a blog post!
Even though I'm not really a blogging-specialist, but nevermind.
Let's give it a try anyways, shall we??

Now looking back at 2014, it…

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