Out of the darkness and back into the light...

...that's EXACTLY what my song "Eternal Darkness" is all about!!

This song WAS already supposed to be released as a Single years ago,
but then lots of things happened back then - which I MIGHT actually talk about one day, 
but for now, that's a story for another time...

What matters NOW is, 
that I DID finally give this baby the release it deserves! 

And that makes me feel really good actually,
bcoz this song is basically my anthem for this year! 
Plus, I'm fucking proud of it! ;) 

So, here's a link for you guys;
check it out and listen to "Eternal Darkness" wherever you like: 


'f course Youtube's a good place to go too:

ENJOY!! :) 

You've got a Heart of Gold!! <333 

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