New year = brand new start?!

What do you guys think?!

Is the beginning of a new year a perfect time to set up
some "New Years resolutions"?

To make some new goals for the year (or months) to come maybe? 
Start some new projects, you have been planning to do since quite a while already?

Well, seriously, I usually wouldn't give two F***s about "New Years resolutions"
and that sorta BS, but either way, I thought it was time to give 
a bit of a make-over.
And now just happened to be a good time for that. 

(Well, damn! I felt like it!)

If I plan to do something new (or keep pursuing goals, I already had, regardless)
I don't wait for a specific day, month, or week, or whatever;
I just START doing things.

Plus, I'm not exactly the patient type;
I wouldn't wanna wait to get things done. ;) 

And I also believe, that if it takes something like a "New Years resolution" 
to get one going, it IS already destined to fail.
Coz if you really wanted to get these things done, I doubt you'd need to
make a special "New Years resolution" for that. 
You'd just fucking do them, now wouldn't you?

That's why I stopped making fancy "New Years resolutions" years ago.
And I don't plan to pick up that habit again. ;) 

Soo, anyway guys...

Here's to a brandnew start!! 

So HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!!! 

P.S.: Speaking of BRANDNEW STARTS already;
Here's a BEAUTIFUL song, that fits perfectly well for that kinda stuff!
I've got "FIRE AND HELL" for you here, so ENJOY!!


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