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Hey guys,

Something different today.

As some of you might know, I’m a huge fan of Dragonball (and DBZ and DB Super)
and those of you, who are as well, have probably noticed, that there’s been quite a riot going on lately, bcoz of allegations towards Broly’s Voice Actor Vic Mignogna.

I don’t wanna go any further into detail about these here;
If you are a Dragonball Fan, or Anime Fan, you probably know very well, what’s going on right now.

Truth is: I usually like to stay neutral, when it comes to things like that and not get involved or take any sides, but this has actually touched me emotionally.


I’ll just say this:
The first time I heard about Vic Mignogna was when I stumbled across the song “Dragonsoul“ and then later I also heard the Dragonball GT English Opening (shame upon me, I still dunno the name of it, although I LOVE that song!!) and i immediately fell in love with Vic’s beautiful voice!

He makes Broly sound like a demon at times, but when singing, he has the voice of an angel!!
I was impressed!

So, I wondered, who this guy actually is and googled him and watched some Youtube-Videos and was impressed once again, when I saw how nice and kind he is towards his fans and to me he really seems to have some great energy.
I also read, that he also makes music (like me) and used to be a police officer,
which made him even more likable in my eyes.


When I heard about those allegations towards him,
I never really believed them; especially since I could see often enough,
how the #metoo movement was shamefully being abused to make false allegations towards innocent men, for doing things, that still used to be considered harmless a few years ago and in fact had absolutely nothing to do with those horrible things they were actually being accused of.

I mean seriously, when I was a kid, it was perfectly NORMAL to hug someone and kiss them on the cheek(s) when saying “Hello“!
Where I live, I saw people do that all the time!!
And when I was lying in my bed when I was little, about to fall asleep (or should have been falling asleep, but couldn’t, but that’s another story….), I often got a goodnight kiss on my forehead.
Plus, i can still see it every now and then in TV shows over here, that not only family members or close friends hug eachother, but also complete strangers might actually do that,
when in certain situations where they share moments of great happiness or sadness or whatever unites them in those very situations.
So you could indeed actually say, a hug and also kisses on cheeks or forehead are a normal thing that does happen over here.

I am from Austria btw; I can’t speak for ALL the people over here, of course, and I can’t speak for all the people in Europe either - some are more expressive than others -, BUT I can confirm indeed, that hugs and kisses on the cheeks or forehead are not something completely weird over here and I dare to assume, that the majority of the European population also sees it that way.

Although I’m not a very expressive person myself (apart from in my songs; this is where I show WAY more emotions!), I always used to admire Vic for being the way he is (Yes! Him being expressive and showing emotions and the hugs and kisses on cheeks and foreheads!!).

But still, I’m the last person in the world, who would just blindly believe /trust in anything without actual proof or evidence and I don't like to jump on conclusions quickly. Which means, seeing a celebrity do this or that and reading things about them, or checking out their work, doesn’t automatically mean you actually KNOW them as a person!
What I just described were the impression Vic made on me and what some of my experiences with hugs and kisses on the cheeks or forehead are.

I stand with Vic, BCOZ:

1) I do believe in innocent until proven guilty!
In case these allegations are false, these people have no right to ruin Vic’s life and everything he has worked hard for in all these years!! 


2) I DO strongly believe that these allegations ARE false; first I already had a gut feeling, that something was totally off and now I believe that even more, bcoz I have seen plenty of what Vic is up against and I won’t go into detail about that right here either, coz I assume that pretty much almost the whole Dragonball Fandom knows what’s going on by now, and I don’t wanna spread all that negativity here, coz there’s already been more than enough of that on Twitter recently.

BUT I will say this: The way Vic’s accusers handled this was more than repulsive in my opinion and I’m utterly disappointed in certain people (mainly other voice actors; fans know who they are), who in fact reminded me of some of the worst people I’ve ever met in my life; people I used to cut out of my life completely almost ten years ago, bcoz they were just extremely toxic and vile and really had like no honor and respect for anyone or anything at all!

Cutting such people out of your life and staying the hell away from their kind is really one of the best decisions you can make, guys; trust me!

After how Vic’s accusers messed this whole thing up,
I really just CAN’T believe them; I couldn’t, even if I wanted to.

And that’s where I’ll stop - the negativity ends here!

In fact, all I wanna say is,

My heart goes out to Vic! 

I wish him all the best and I really hope, things are gonna work out for him!!

Stay strong, Vic!

You got this!!


P.S.: If you wanna support Vic in his upcoming lawsuit, here is the link to the GoFundMe campaign that the lawyer Nick Rekieta made for Vic:

Okay, now that was a lot, guys.
But I really felt like this was something I had to share,
as it was getting to my heart! 

I hope, all is well with you and 2019 has been treating you good so far.  

You take care and stay strong too! 

You've got a Heart of Gold!! 

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