Workshop January and February 2019

Hey there, guys!

I hope 2019 started out well for you! 
It pretty much did for me; 
I had an intense start of the year! :) 

I've been doing an acting course,
which was GREAT, coz acting is something
I've always been very passionate about too! 
If I wasn't a singer, I'd probably be an actress instead.
It felt really amazing to do that again
and get the chance to play different roles 
and even "let the beast out"!! 

Ha, I'll be perfectly honest here, 
I show WAY more emotions in my songs or when I act,
than I do in real life!
Seems to feel more "safe" for me, for whatever reason. 

Plus, playing characters, that are very different from who I am,
(e.g. villains) are a nice challenge and a lot of fun! 
I really like to dive into that role and at that very moment
I'm not Sheila Grace, but I am that character I'm playing.
And that's just an amazing experience! 
An experience I'd like to enjoy more often. 

Other things I did in 2019 so far were
a Make-up Course (I still got A LOT to learn!!)
and a CVT Workshop (CVT = Complete Vocal Technique),
which were very interesting! 

There really are so many amazing things you can learn 
about the human voice! 
And so many ways to produce a variety of different sounds in a healthy way,
it's incredible!

Come to think of it, 
the CVT Workshop and the Estill Voice Training in Fall last year 
really helped me out a lot and made singing a lot easier for me.
So I'd say, if you're a singer, or any kind of voice professional, 
and you haven't done it yet, definitely try it out! 
You've really got a lot to win! 

Well, I guess that's all for now.
But there'll be some more things coming this year,
which will definitely be more than amazing too! 

I hope, all is well with you guys! 


You've got a Heart of Gold!! 

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