2018 has been...

...a year of Workshops for me!! :D 

But hey!

First of all: HELLO!
It's been quite a while. ;) 

Well, title says it all.
I've spent this year 2018 with workshops for firstly getting more performance routine
to go back to stage.

And secondly I did an Estill Voice Course in October - November,
which was a very exciting experience!

I have been singing pretty much all my life and compared to that,
the couple of months of classical singing lessons I had when I was 16,
were very few.

Apart from that I also used to read quite a bit about techniques
and watch videos from voice teachers back in the days,
but throughout the last couple of years,
I did way less experimenting and was pretty much stuck in my particular way of singing
and many things became pretty automatic, just like breathing.

So, I forgot quite some of the things I learned in the past,
or deep down inside I still SOMEHOW knew them, but I lost awareness of what I was actually doing,
coz I just did it automatically. 

And of course it's always good to learn new exciting things to do with my voice,
coz even in all those years there were sure things I didn't try before.

Plus, it sure doesn't hurt, if I make the one or the other thing easier for me. ;)
(Although, I must admit, I AM that kinda person, who likes to make things complicated for herself...)

So, the Estill Voice Training definitely helped me out a lot!

I can highly recommend it to every singer or voice professional;
also to the ones, who have been singing for ages or decades!
There are plenty of amazing things to learn! :D 

Well, on that note,
I barely noticed, pretty much until the end of November,
that Christmas is on its way AGAIN!
(Ha, only one week to go now! It's crazy!)
But despite that, I was almost done with my preparations by the 1st Sunday of advent
and now Christmas can come and I can rest easy,
knowing I've been very productive this year and I’m looking forward to
another very productive year 2019. :) 

So, I'm off to Christmas break now! 

And with that:

I wish you guys a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!! 

May it be a GREAT ONE for all of us!! <333333



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