Hey guys,

Another year is coming to an end!
I’m kinda like "wow!“ at the moment, coz I can barely believe,
that 2017 has passed so quickly!

It started quite rough for me,
but in the last quarter of 2017, there’ve been many beautiful moments and Highlights.
One of the best was definitely the Stagelab Unplugged gig this November!
It was wonderful to finally be back on stage, where I belong, again after all these years!
It has been a truly amazing experience and I met some great people! 

So to me it was definitely one of the very best moments 2017 had for me! 
And I'm still grateful for that! 

Another great thing I finally had time to do was a Spanish course.
I already wanted to learn that language since ages, but I never really found the time to properly give it a go, but in September this year I could finally take a first proper step into the right direction and I’m glad I seized that opportunity!

And, of course, throughout the year Sebastian and I also did some fantastic work at the studio! ;) 

We’ve been working on an amazing project and it’s just a matter of some decisions we’ll have to make first, how I’m gonna show you this special surprise.

Either way, I’m super-excited and I’m very happy to get back to the studio in mid-January and take the next steps towards one amazingly beautiful goal, I’ve been working on since quite a while! 

Besides, I’ve got another thing for you:

Here’s another Lyric Video;
This one is for my song "Nothing In the World“,
of the same-titled single!

I hope you like it! :)

Well, on that note:
I’m wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!
I hope it’ll be a good one for you!

Take care guys!

I’ll get back to you soon! :)

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