New year = brand new start?!  

What do you guys think?!

Is the beginning of a new year a perfect time to set up
some "New Years resolutions"?

To make some new goals for the year (or months) to come maybe? 
Start some new projects, you have been planning to do since quite a while already?

Well, seriously, I usually wouldn't give two F***s about "New Years resolutions"
and that sorta BS, but either way, I thought it was time to give 
a bit of a make-over.
And now just happened to be a good time for that. 

(Well, damn! I felt…

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Happy New Year 2022!! 

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2022, guys!!

Today I got a little something for you:

Here's a LYRIC VIDEO for my song "Eversleeping"! 

And, if you like, you can also check out this LIVE Performance of "Eversleeping" back in 2017 in Vienna:

Stay strong, guys!!


And Happy New Year 2022!!

A Song For Gran 

Hey guys, 

Here‘s a new video i made
with a song i wrote especially for my gran. 
Today would have been her 93rd birthday.
It‘s kinda hard for me to talk about it
and to put my feelings about all of this in words,
also bcoz it hurts a lot, 
but the video says a lot more...

Workshop January and February 2019 

Hey there, guys!

I hope 2019 started out well for you! 
It pretty much did for me; 
I had an intense start of the year! :) 

I've been doing an acting course,
which was GREAT, coz acting is something
I've always been very passionate about too! 
If I wasn't a singer, I'd probably be an actress instead.
It felt really amazing to do that again
and get the chance to play different roles 
and even "let the beast out"!! 

Ha, I'll be perfectly honest here, 
I show WAY more emotions in my songs or when I act,
than I do in real…

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Vic Mignogna 

Hey guys,

Something different today.

As some of you might know, I’m a huge fan of Dragonball (and DBZ and DB Super)
and those of you, who are as well, have probably noticed, that there’s been quite a riot going on lately, bcoz of allegations towards Broly’s Voice Actor Vic Mignogna.

I don’t wanna go any further into detail about these here;
If you are a Dragonball Fan, or Anime Fan, you probably know very well, what’s going on right now.

Truth is: I usually like to stay neutral, when it comes to things…

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2018 has been... 

...a year of Workshops for me!! :D 

But hey!

First of all: HELLO!
It's been quite a while. ;) 

Well, title says it all.
I've spent this year 2018 with workshops for firstly getting more performance routine
to go back to stage.

And secondly I did an Estill Voice Course in October - November,
which was a very exciting experience!

I have been singing pretty much all my life and compared to that,
the couple of months of classical singing lessons I had when I was 16,
were very few.

Apart from that I also used to read…

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Stagelab Unplugged - LIVE Videos!! 

Hey guys! 

I hope 2018 has been a good one for you so far. 
Well, I've definitely got something good for you today! :) 
The Videos from my stage comeback at Stagelab Unplugged last November are here! 
Check them out!

The first song is "How Long Will It Be":

The second song "Eversleeping" is a new song my producer and I did last year.
It hasn't been released, published or performed live anywhere before, so it had its premiere on that night! 

Enjoy! :)  



Hey guys,

Another year is coming to an end!
I’m kinda like "wow!“ at the moment, coz I can barely believe,
that 2017 has passed so quickly!

It started quite rough for me,
but in the last quarter of 2017, there’ve been many beautiful moments and Highlights.
One of the best was definitely the Stagelab Unplugged gig this November!
It was wonderful to finally be back on stage, where I belong, again after all these years!
It has been a truly amazing experience and I met some great people! 

So to me it was…

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Stagelab Unplugged - Fantastic Gig!! 

Hey there, guys!

We had a fantastic gig last Friday at Cafe Carina in Vienna!
It was a really wonderful stage comeback for me after all these years!
A dream came true! That was truly one of the very best feelings in the world! 

Big thanks to everyone who was there and to the StageLab Team for making this amazing event possible!
And of course to the amazing photographer, who took this great picture:

And some other beautiful ones!
You can find them in the Photogallery!
Check them out! 

Plus, some videos will be…

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Stagelab Unplugged! 


Me and my Performance Workshop colleagues Rita, Johanna and Tamara at the StageLab Academy in Vienna!
Nicole sadly couldn’t be with us on that day, so we were holding up that sheet with her name on it, giving her a shout-out. 

This workshop was really amazing!

We had such a blast!! :D 

And we’re very happy to show you our performances on Friday 24th November at Cafe Carina in Vienna! 

We’d love to see you there! 

Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7.30pm! 


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